Tips for getting settled into your new rental home!

Moving to a new community can be daunting and a nerve wracking experience, but it doesn’t have to be a new experience for long!

Here are some tips to getting settled into your new home and community!


Wander around! Try a new restaurant or a new shopping center.  The expression “buy local” is growing popular, but don’t limit you buying local power to just your fruits and veggies,  try out your new local shops – you  just might find a new favorite place!

Be a tourist!

Go online,  browse the towns chamber of commerce, visit the welcome center (if your new town has one) pick up the local paper and get ready  to mingle!  Often local coffee shops or shopping centers have community bulletin boards that you can browse for neat local events as well.  Walk or bike around your neighborhood- nothing puts you closer to the sights, sounds and people of your new area.

Meet you neighbors!

Go on, introduce yourself! Not only can they often provide valuable information about your new location, but you could make new friends!

Join the community.

Join a local community center, pick up a local class, and volunteer your time! Give back to you new community and become a part of it as well.

By: Jessica Gant 11/1/12